Career Development Options

Career development as a security officer starts with the right attitude. As is the case in any industry, an employee who enters an individual organization with the drive and motivation to better themselves and their organization will be most successful.

With a confident “go-getter” attitude, security guards should openly communicate with their supervisors about their professional, financial, and personal goals, as well as ideas for the company. Small and mid-size security companies are frequently understaffed and in need of employees willing to take on bigger roles. Employees who make it clear they are willing to take on additional responsibility and progress through the ranks of command will only show loyalty and be rewarded more often than their counterparts.

Officers who have consistent and open conversations will likely be promoted into higher paying roles, increasing their expertise and responsibilities. This could include taking on supervisory duties, running internal training programs, or gaining additional certifications to meet the standards of the new role.

One of the most important parts of security guard career development is engaging in continuing education. Not only should a security officer keep up-to-date on the industry, but they should actively seek out training courses for the professional skills they want to develop.